Services You Didn’t Know You Needed
More than Just Diabetes

  • Dexa Scanning for Osteoporosis

    We do our DEXA testing in the office to detect and treat osteoporosis. If you would like to have a DEXA test done, please discuss with one of the endocrinologists.

  • Dietitian

    We have a GREAT dietitian in our offices that will go over diabetes, weight loss, diabetes prevention, and other special dietary needs.

  • Weight Loss

    The way we approach it is to rule out disorders that cause weight gain, then we have medications for weight loss and also have a weight loss program available that includes a dietitian, physical trainer, and a therapist.

  • Thyroid Services

    We also do our own biopsies. If you have a nodule or mass in the thyroid that needs to be biopsied, we do them in the office as well. No need to go to the radiology department in the hospital.

  • IMT Testing

    Intima Media Thickness (IMT) measures the thickness of the innermost lining of your arteries and it is used as a predictor of vascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. We do them in the office in Houston and will be doing them at Katy office shortly.

  • Retinal Photos

    We will now be taking photos of your retina (eyes) in the office, which will be read by an ophthalmologist.

  • PAD Testing

    In clinical practice, we are missing so much peripheral. arterial disease (PAD), which is blockages of the arteries in the feet. We will now be doing ankle brachial index (ABI) testing in the clinic for those that are at high risk.

  • Diabetes Education

    We are an ADA (American Diabetes Association) approved site for diabetes education. We have two educators that offer the classes at both offices, in Katy and Houston.

  • Ideal Protein with Marcela Carlton

    Like 2 out of 3 Americans I was overweight, and I was on medication. I choose to take a leap of faith and get my body feeling better with Ideal
    Protein. A year and 52lb later, I accomplished my goal and changed my life. I am here because I decided to take my experience and success as an Ideal Protein dieter, and utilize my background as a former teacher to work as a coach in Dr Patel’s Ideal Protein (or Endo and Pshy) clinic. I am here to provide you with the tools and support necessary to be successful in your Lifestyle Living journey.

  • Javara Research

  •  ” Most People have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”
    -Kevin Trudeau.