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Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education

We would like for you to go online to reputable sources for your diabetes education. We have compiled a list of links of websites as well as some videos on different topics for diabetes education. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but serves as a start to your education. This list will continue to grow and we will add more as well as delete others. Here is the list of the subsections and links:

What is Diabetes?

Taking Care of your Diabetes

Diabetes Complications

Coping with Emotional Issues

Being Physically Active

Healthy Eating and Cooking

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Vaccines

DKA and Sick Days

GLP-1 Agonists


Improving Medication Taking

Insulin Injections

Insulin Pumps (coming soon!)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (coming soon!)

Diabetes and Lifestyle

Diabetes and Blood Pressure

Diabetes and Sleep

Sexuality and Diabetes

Traveling and Diabetes

  • Diabetes Travel Tips