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    • “Dr. Patel takes into consideration what my concerns are and always treats me well. I would and I have recommended him to several people”
    • “Just on the basis of the first appt. I already DID recommend you to my sister. VERY impressed.”
    • “Very professional staff at reception, Lab, Nurse Shannon, and appointment desk. You couldn’t ask for a better team to provide excellent service to patients.”
    • “Loved the honest candor of doctor. No condescension!!”
    • “I was very pleased with my first visit and Dr. Raghu’s thorough attention during my visit.”
    • “We are totally satisfied with Dr. Raghu and her staff. They have been very helpful when we have called or been seen in the office”
    • “I had dreaded this appointment for a LONG time and didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away by HOW NICE everyone was, especially Shannon!”
    • “Awesome friendly staff. Glad I made the switch! :)”
    • “I recommended my nephew and just found out he’s going there”
    • “Dr. Watwee is always looking out for my health and I thank her for it.”
    • “Thanks for all your concern. Dr. Patel and crew have really relieved my anxiety about my thyroid cancer with a sound plan of action.”
  • “Dr. Patel has an outstanding office staff, and him and his associates, are very patient and listen to this presenting problems, from the patient. I would rate Dr. Patel and his staff. A +”

…and we love them too!