Services You Didn’t Know You Needed
More than Just Diabetes

  • Dexa Scanning for Osteoporosis

    We do our DEXA testing in the office to detect and treat osteoporosis. If you would like to have a DEXA test done, please discuss with one of the endocrinologists.

  • Dietitian

    We have a GREAT dietitian in our offices that will go over diabetes, weight loss, diabetes prevention, and other special dietary needs.

  • Weight Loss

    The way we approach it is to rule out disorders that cause weight gain, then we have medications for weight loss and also have a weight loss program available that includes a dietitian, physical trainer, and a therapist.

  • Thyroid Services

    We also do our own biopsies. If you have a nodule or mass in the thyroid that needs to be biopsied, we do them in the office as well. No need to go to the radiology department in the hospital.

  • IMT Testing

    Intima Media Thickness (IMT) measures the thickness of the innermost lining of your arteries and it is used as a predictor of vascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. We do them in the office in Houston and will be doing them at Katy office shortly.

  • Diabetes Education

    We are an ADA (American Diabetes Association) approved site for diabetes education. We have two educators that offer the classes at both offices, in Katy and Houston.

  • Ideal Protein with Marcela Carlton

    Like 2 out of 3 Americans I was overweight, and I was on medication. I choose to take a leap of faith and get my body feeling better with Ideal
    Protein. A year and 52lb later, I accomplished my goal and changed my life. I am here because I decided to take my experience and success as an Ideal Protein dieter, and utilize my background as a former teacher to work as a coach in Dr Patel’s Ideal Protein (or Endo and Pshy) clinic. I am here to provide you with the tools and support necessary to be successful in your Lifestyle Living journey.

  • Javara Research

  •  ” Most People have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”
    -Kevin Trudeau.